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Missing EU: Life after OJEU

Housing associations that celebrate the great escape from OJEU by cutting corners on due diligence and value for money may find that freedom comes at a price, warns Richard Brooks

Modular Solutions

That pressure to build is gradually leading to innovation. We’re seeing the first signs that modular construction could play a bigger role; for example, housing association Your Housing Group’s partnership with a Chinese firm to build homes via new offsite factories.

Procuring Social Value

It’s taken many years for social value to become a mainstream issue. No longer on the fringes, it’s now being embraced across the public, private and third sectors, albeit to varying degrees.

Safer, Smarter Services

For procurement, finance, maintenance and asset management departments Blockchain is a gift – offering secure, automated transactions that cannot be tampered with without leaving electronic fingerprints all over the scene of the crime.

The Price of Gold

Financial pressure has made many housing associations consider charging for services that used to be free. Andrew Carlin says it may be no bad thing