The Scottish Housing Regulator’s new regulatory framework is here

The Scottish Housing Regulator’s new regulatory framework is here.

On the 1st April 2019, a new regulatory framework and statutory guidance from the Scottish Housing Regulator came into force. The framework sets out regulatory requirements for local authorities and registered social landlords in Scotland, covering assurance and notification, performance against the Scottish Social Housing Charter, tenants’ and service users’ redress, whistleblowing and equality and human rights.

Main changes to the new regulatory framework include:

• a new requirement for all social landlords to produce Annual Assurance Statements; and

• a new duty for the SHR to publish a Regulatory Status for each registered social landlord from April 2020.

Is your organisation ready?

How well prepared is your organisation for these changes? Do you have an improvement plan for areas where the organisation is currently failing to meet regulatory requirements and standards?

How can we help? PfH Scotland offers a range of procurement and technical support solutions to help registered social landlords meet their regulatory compliance obligations, be that in terms of SHQS, EESSH, Fire Safety, and ARC (Annual Return of Charter).

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Michael Cameron, Chief Executive of the Scottish Housing Regulator said:

“We want to see well-run social landlords, that deliver good services and good outcomes for tenants, people who are homeless and Gypsy/Travellers. And our new Regulatory Framework has been designed to promote openness, transparency and self-assurance. “Landlords will soon be thinking about preparing their first Annual Assurance Statements. These are due by October. We’ve published guidance and frequently asked questions to support landlords to do this. We will consider the Annual Assurance Statements as part of our risk assessment in the coming year. We will publish a regulatory status for every RSL from April 2020.”

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