Procurement Health Check

With 60 – 70% of a typical housing provider’s cost base spent on 3rd party suppliers an effective approach to procurement is the most effective way to improve cash performance and efficiency.  The role of organisational procurement varies significantly across the sector, and our Strategic Health Check consists of a structured review methodology that has been developed in-house to assess the following areas:

  • Spend and Compliance
  • Supplier Performance and Control
  • Policy, Procedure and Strategy
  • Measures and Reporting
  • Systems and Processes
  • Structure, Resource and Capability

Through a combination of on-site stakeholder interviews, analysis and categorisation of spend, review of documentation, processes and systems we are able to provide an independent assessment of current procurement performance.

With an understanding of the current position and a view of what excellence would look like (relative to the size and scale of the organisation) we are able to develop a series of recommendations and a roadmap for change that will underpin the transition to a higher performing future state.

Our approach is entirely configurable allowing us to focus on specific areas if necessary.  It is commonplace for us to recommend a procurement structure for our members through this process and we have been actively involved in the establishment, recruitment and mentoring of new teams post review.