Supply Chain Review

PfH’s Materials Supply Chain Review service offers an in-depth assessment of an organisations approach to managing their materials supply chain.  Our independent review offers a current state assessment, provides practical guidance and strategic advice on how to maximise opportunities to increase performance, and enables full development of materials supply procurement strategy

Calling on our wealth of supply chain experience within the Housing planned and responsive repairs category, our Materials Supply Chain Review helps deliver quick wins to increase efficiency, reduce waste and drive productivity whilst building an effective platform for future procurements that not only create value but ensure that supply partners are working collaboratively to achieve the housing provider’s aims.

By understanding operational approaches to materials purchasing, handling and consumption in addition to the commercial maturity of the repairs function, we actively assist organisations in driving greater value and efficiency.

PfH were engaged to undertake a holistic review of material purchasing activity across all Connects’ repairs and maintenance operations.  Their consultants were knowledgeable, responsive, and provided a concise informative report summarising key areas for potential improvements.  As well as analysing existing spend data, Inprova sought to understand purchasing behaviours and business requirements in order to make recommendations on how procurement activity could improve operational efficiency as well as achieving bottom line cost savings.