Inprova Energy

‘Inprova Energy is a subsidiary of Inprova Group, the organisation selected to manage PfH on behalf of CIH, NHF and HouseMark. In 2015, Inprova Group created the new, large energy broker division operating nationally in the UK.

Backed by the Inprova Energy team, PfH are able to call on one of the most experienced trading desks in the UK as well as offer comprehensive ‘back-office’ consultancy and utility billing services.’


“Inprova Energy has taken control of the process from start to finish and has provided a very high standard of service. We were impressed right from the outset with the meticulous approach Inprova Energy adopted during the tender process.

This forward thinking approach has continued throughout the implementation of our energy contract and has not only resulted in significant savings through the group contract arrangement and refunded VAT and CCL payments, but has also given us the confidence that we are now being correctly charged.

Not only has Inprova Energy helped to reduce the workload on our accounts department, which receives lots of bills, but our dedicated account manager has been extremely helpful with any queries we have on various sites. I have been impressed by Inprova Energy’s desire to build a long term relationship with the group. We really look forward to continuing our working relationship with them.”

Group Facilities Manager asra Housing Group