MDG Consultants

Company overview

MDG Consultants is a leading independent multidisciplinary consultancy company based in Glasgow. Our heritage dates back to 1964, and we have a proven track record in architecture, project management, stock condition surveys, energy performance modelling and EESSH consultancy.

We believe in a proactive approach to each project, bringing a determination and energy to make things happen. Our simple principle is to apply the appropriate methodology to match expectation with delivery. We are equipped to deal with the range of technological challenges in today’s market, with our leading-edge IT systems and an innovative and pragmatic approach to respond to current and future developments.

We operate across all market sectors, including large scale social housing developments, care homes, schools, office accommodation and bespoke design-led private developments.

Our in-house building surveyors are experts in collecting information relating to the building condition, energy efficiency and fire safety, helping our clients plan for maintenance and improvements to make their properties safe and well.

Our biggest asset is our people and treating all our staff well motivates them to provide maximum effort in delivering quality. By recruiting the most exceptional candidates and investing in our employees, we create a positive work culture that fosters excellence.

Our lean corporate structure and accessible senior management mean we can move efficiently and make quick, informed decisions.

Fire risk Assessments

To help our clients develop efficient fire safety plans, we can carry out fire risk assessments to assess the risk of fire in your properties. We also provide guidance and advise on how best to protect your assets and people from fire. Our advice ensures that our clients comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006.

Our assessments focus on the following main issues:

  • identify potential causes of fire;
  • identify people at risk;
  • evaluate current fire safety measures provided/required to protect people (e.g. escape routes, fire alarm systems and fixed and portable firefighting provisions);
  • review the arrangement for the management of fire safety (e.g. fire procedures, staff training and fire drills and maintenance of fire safety systems);
  • record significant findings and, if necessary, recommend an action plan; and
  • monitor the assessment and update as required.

Based on the risk rating identified, we can develop deficiency action plans to create a comprehensive roadmap of actions required. Regardless of the risk rating, completion due dates can be added so clients can plan and organise the work.

We keep our Fire Risk Assessment Reports clear and concise, so they are easy to understand, with clear instructions.

Fire Safety Consultancy services

We are proud to have provided consultancy services on thousands of properties throughout Scotland. Our surveys are non-intrusive and cause no property damage. We provide quality assurance through our ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, and ISO18001 accredited quality management system, which has been developed to house all managerial and operational actions required to set and maintain industry-leading standards.

We understand the needs of this industry and how to help meet them: offering competitive costs and delivering the quality that makes clients want to use us again and again.

We also partner with our customers at the front end of a project, providing them with a predefined pathway that offers consistency, value for money, and early clarity on programme and cost.

Drawing on the strengths of a diverse and resourceful group – combined with local and specialist expertise – we offer housing associations, councils and private owners a service that extends beyond project completion.

Fire Engineering Consultancy services

Our team of fire engineers work with our clients to ensure that their buildings not only comply with the relevant legislation but also provide a safe environment in the most cost-effective manner, without compromising the architectural integrity of the designs.

Fire protection is one of the most important investments a company can make in defending its business and its people from the destruction that fire causes. The development of an integrated fire safety strategy will identify areas of risk and assist in eliminating the root causes of danger. Our fire engineering team believes that our clients deserve the best, and so we ensure that each building complies with safety guidance in the most cost-effective way, using the most advanced fire engineering techniques.

Our expertise in the design and development of active fire protection systems is well known throughout the industry and is used to ensure that the fire protection systems are integrated with the building services, thus minimising the impact of these services on the design. Our fire engineers will lead the negotiation process to secure the necessary approvals and to provide a building that meets all of the relevant statutory requirements without compromising the aesthetics or the functionality of the building.

Data analytics

Based on our survey findings and reports, we are able to use data analytics to identify and highlight a number of factors, including the required spend per item. We can then offer advice on developing programmes and budgets for maintenance and improvements.

Using data analytics, we can create detailed reports for clients to use in their fire safety improvement and maintenance planning. The results give them accurate data that allows them to make informed decisions.

The data we collect is inserted into our Chameleon Vision software, where it can be used to generate summaries of required improvements/works and related costs. The data can also be used to generate maps with colour-coded identifiers to show which works are required in each property. This can then be narrowed down to specific items, such as property management areas; property type; and severity, likelihood, and overall fire risk rating.

This provides a huge advantage to clients, particularly those with multiple Fire Risk Assessments across several sites, as it allows action plans to be developed across the entire stock profile and not just individual properties.

More Info

MDG Consultants is part of  The McDermott Group Ltd,  a collection of independent, forward-thinking companies operating throughout Scotland. With a combined turnover of over £40 million, the multi-disciplined group has grown organically over the past 50 years and specialises in heating, plumbing and electrical services; renewable technologies; asset management; architecture; and, software development and internet of things.By combining these functions, we can offer a complete, cradle-to-grave solution for the management and improvement of social housing. Our biggest asset is our people and treating all our staff well motivates them to provide maximum effort in delivering quality. By recruiting the most exceptional candidates and investing in our employees, we create a positive work culture that fosters excellence. Our lean corporate structure and accessible senior management means we are able to move efficiently and make quick decisions.