Developing great suppliers


At PfH Scotland we know that the quality of our suppliers and our relationships with them are absolutely critical to the success of the consortium. With our Members’ collective purchasing power, we are able to attract the very best suppliers and negotiate the best terms but we are also active in supporting them to provide excellent service.

At PfH Scotland, we have a particular commitment to giving our members greater access to local SMEs across Scotland and to encouraging the use of local contractors. For instance, we have appointed almost 70% SMEs to our new heating services procurement framework. In doing so, our goal is to enable our members to offer improved services while saving money through better procurement decisions that also benefit local contractors and the local communities where they operate.

We work closely with all suppliers that are nominated to support framework agreements:

  • Our Category teams meet suppliers regularly to review and support performance and provide vital market share data
  • We provide accurate member information to support effective engagement
  • We provide a range of marketing support activity including attendance at PfH Scotland and partner events
  • Our own account management team works closely with supplier teams throughout Scotland
  • We deliver efficiencies by providing payment consolidation through Quantum
  • We deliver educational seminars for all suppliers and training to help SMEs submit tenders

If you’re interested in becoming a PfH supplier and want to submit a tender for a PfH Agreement, please note that all forthcoming tenders are advertised on the Public Contracts Scotland 

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