Savings based on reliable data analysis

Membership is open to all UK housing associations, ALMOs and local authorities, regardless of size. Once signed up, Members can access any of our procurement services from frameworks, to consultancy, to data services.

Quantum Billing

Streamlines the billing process for all your purchased products and services. As a Member, you can make one single monthly direct debit payment for all the goods and services purchased over the month. This reduces your administration time spent processing orders and you also benefit from greater management and control of your own data and supplies. We will notify you by email when your consolidated statements and associated downloadable data is ready.

PfH Account Cards

Reduce your administrative costs and the burden of processing materials transactions as well as giving you detailed analysis of all spend patterns. You can allocate account cards to either your own workforce or to external contractors working on your behalf. Merchant computer systems identify the card as being part of the PfH agreement, apply the correct price structure, compile purchase information and transmit an electronic invoice to Quantum.

Spend Analysis

We’ll conduct a full analysis of your spend with minimal disruption to your teams using our Quantum spend analysis platform. Following a robust process our team will cleanse, and classify your data using our housing specific classification taxonomy, before consolidating your data in a single location and in a format ready for analysis.